General Liability Vs. Workers’ Comp: What’s the Difference?

Wading through the tricky waters of insurance can be difficult for entrepreneurs starting their own businesses. Some insurance policies are required by a state government, and there are some that are beneficial, but not required. One of the most important insurance policies for a business to invest in is workers’ compensation insurance. In fact, every… Read More »

What Expenses Does Worker’s Compensation Insurance Cover?

It was a cold, dreary day in Arizona. Much chillier than the usual heat wave this region experiences. Carlos owns a small roof contracting business employing about 25 men. The contractors are about a week into a roofing project on a local townhouse development. Most of the roof deck has sheathing and tomorrow the crew… Read More »

A Guide to Choosing the Right Contractor Insurance For Your Business

With the purchase of an insurance policy, the insured is guaranteed protection from risk. It is especially important for contractors to obtain insurance because the nature of contractor work makes professionals in this field prone to physical injury and property damage. DJM Insurance Services has been providing clients with general contractors insurance in Washington for… Read More »

Contractors License Bond — What It is and Why You Need One

As a responsible contractor, you probably know that you need general liability insurance for contractors in Washington and most other states. But did you know that some states also require you to purchase a type of surety bond called a contractors license bond? What is a contractor bond? A contractor bond is a form of… Read More »

Why Your Business Needs Commercial Auto Insurance

As a responsible business owner, you make sure that you have sufficient liability coverages to protect your assets. But have you considered your company car? Your personal auto insurance policy won’t cover accidents that occur while an employee is transporting merchandise or carrying passengers. In addition to general contractors insurance in Washington, DJM Insurance also… Read More »