Contractors Wrap Insurance

Contractors Wrap Insurance

Contractors Wrap Insurance

Contractors in California, Arizona, Washington and Nevada are now starting to build larger residential projects again. This is good news for all, however insuring these multifamily projects can be a challenge. Nevertheless, DJM insurance services has a solution.

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DJM Insurance services offers wrap insurance policies for general contractors as well as developers and owners. If you are doing work in California, Arizona, Washington or Nevada, these policies will be the solution to being covered correctly.

How does our wrap policy works. In most states, general liability policies exclude condo, townhome and tract work. Meaning General contractors and their subs are not covered. The wrap insurance policy allows all owners, general and sub-contractors to be covered on one policy form.

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Contractor Insurance

We specialize in Contractor Insurance for the building, contractor and artisan contractor industries. We offer competitive pricing and a staff that knows how to meet your needs for wrap insurance and workers compensation in Arizona. We have strong relationships with a network of contractor insurance carriers and underwriters, so we can provide any line of coverage required to operate your construction and contracting business.

Quote DJM Insurance Services for all of your Contractor Insurance needs.

DJM Insurance Services brings our firsthand experience and knowledge of contractor insurance to our contractor clients. We have been writing contractor insurance policies for over 15 years and use our expertise and knowledge of bid and performance bonds in California to create value for our clients in the ever changing contractor insurance market place. Call us at (800) 763-0698 or complete the form on this page for your free, no obligation Contractor Insurance quote. Thank you and we look forward to working with you!

For more information on this special product please feel free to contact our office with any questions.

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