General Liability Insurance for Contractors

General Liability Insurance for Contractors

Contractors General Liability Insurance is a type of commercial insurance designed to protect contractors against liability caused by injury and damages that may arise from work performed on a construction project. Contractor General Liability is a specific type of liability insurance policy used in the construction and building trades. Contractor Liability protects against a range of issues including accidents, negligence and oversight. Contractors in the states of Arizona, Washington, and Nevada carry Contractors General Liability Insurance to protect the owners and operators of construction companies from claims including:

  • Contractual liability
  • Liability from accidents & injury
  • Liability caused by an employees of the contractor
  • Products produced by the contractor or his employees

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Contractors General Liability Insurance is required by law in most states. Although Contractor General Liability is not required by law in California, if the contractor does not carry general liability insurance, the contractor would be personally liable for any damages caused by the contractor while executing a contract. Because of this, most project managers and home owners require a certificate of insurance before a contractor can start a project, including workers comp insurance in California. In the past, contractors could bid on jobs without Contractors General Liability Insurance in place, but it is becoming common to require a certificate of insurance as part of the bidding process.

There are several factors contractors need to consider when purchasing Contractors General Liability Insurance in the states of Arizona, Nevada, Washington, and California.

  • The limits of liability selected determines the cost of the policy. Type of work performed, gross income, employee payroll and complexity of the projects are also considered when determining cost.
  • Contractor insurance premiums can be paid in full or financed with a down payment followed by installments.
  • General Contractors should request a certificate of insurance from their subcontractors to ensure that they have general liability insurance.
  • Certificates of insurance can typically be processed on the same business day. Make sure to submit your request early.

We are dedicated to serving the needs of our contractor clients by offering an array of highly competitive Contractors General Liability Insurance products. We quote both Admitted and Non-Admitted markets, so we can custom tailor insurance coverages to meet your specific business needs and budget.

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Because we specialize in the construction industry, we have a solution to your contractor insurance needs, as well as contractor license bonds in WashingtonCall us at (800) 763-0698 or complete the form on this page for your free, no obligation Contractors General Liability Insurance quote.

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