What Does Contractor’s Liability Insurance Cover?

  If you’re a construction, hardscaping, or home improvement professional operating as a contractor, you probably already know that liability insurance is required in most states to legally operate your business. General liability insurance in California may not be required by law, but it’s still an essential tool that every contractor or sub should have… Read More »

What Are Contractor Bonds and Who Needs Them?

If you are a construction or hardscaping professional, you probably already know that at least $12,500 worth of contractor license bonds in California are required to be held by all licensed contractors. But who needs to carry a contractor’s bond—and what do these bonds even do or mean? Contractor bonds in California are required for all licensed contractors,… Read More »

4 New Year Business Protection “Resolutions” for Contractors

As a freelancer or independent contractor, protecting your business and yourself from legal liabilities and health issues should be at the top of your priority list. Before you start making your personal new year’s resolutions, try implementing some of these business resolutions to help protect your status as an independent contractor in 2019.

5 Tips for Safely Transporting Heavy Equipment

If you’re a construction professional, you know how expensive tools and heavy equipment can be, and you know that damage to equipment during transportation can seriously impact your ability to complete a job successfully. In fact, use these five expert-recommended tips for safer transportation this winter season!

5 Types of Coverage that Commercial Auto Insurance Can Provide

Most people know that contractors require special types of insurance to protect themselves on the job site. Insurance for contractors in Nevada can help protect self-employed men and women from lawsuits resulting from work done on a home or business owner’s property as well as injuries sustained onsite. However, many business owners who operate a… Read More »