5 Types of Coverage that Commercial Auto Insurance Can Provide

Most people know that contractors require special types of insurance to protect themselves on the job site. Insurance for contractors in Nevada can help protect self-employed men and women from lawsuits resulting from work done on a home or business owner’s property as well as injuries sustained onsite. However, many business owners who operate a… Read More »

The Most Common Contractor Liability Claims

General contractors liability insurance is required by law in most states—but even in states where it is considered optional, most contractors choose to purchase this type of insurance to protect themselves and their businesses. Contractors liability insurance in Arizona can keep you from being financially responsible should something go wrong while executing a contract. Some… Read More »

4 Tips to Use When Applying for Contractor’s Insurance

Holding general contractor’s insurance is more than just a protection for your business—it’s required for most types of contractors in most states. Applying for contractor’s insurance and contractor bonds in Washington can be a long and confusing process. It’s easy to get lost in the confusion of comparing insurance providers, lists of confusing legal terms,… Read More »

Understanding The Difference Between Workers’ Comp and General Liability

The difficult waters of insurance can be a challenge for entrepreneurs who are starting their own business. Depending on certain state governments, some insurance policies are required, and others are beneficial but not necessarily required.     Workers’ compensation insurance is one of the most important insurance policies for a business to invest in. In… Read More »

Three Steps You Can Take Today to Protect Your Business

Running a business is hard. As a general contractor, you already know that it’s even harder when you’re operating a one-man operation. Taking steps to safeguard your business will give you peace of mind and financial security for years to come as well as help keep you safe from accidents, audits, and other dangers to… Read More »